Tips For Photographers Who Are Affected By Coronavirus Outbreak

Tips For Photographers Who Are Affected By Coronavirus Outbreak

If you are a photographer, chances are that you had to cancel all your photoshoot and sit at home because of the coronavirus lockdown. And it's not just photographers who are experiencing difficulties due to the outbreak, there are many businesses out there, that are suffering the same fate. 

But if you are a photographer, who wants their quarantine time to be productive, then we here at Vintage Films have brought you some tips on how to do so.

Hence the following are some tips for you to pull through this Coronavirus Lockdown:

1. Keep in touch with all your clients

Yes. your events might be cancelled for now but you have to keep in touch with the clients as they might be planning the events for a later date when all this is over. And the reason you should not lose contact with the clients is just to make sure that they do not hire another photographer for their event thinking you abandoned their event, which is very much the case if you don't talk to your clients often.

Photographers Deal With The Lockdown Due To COVID-19

2. Manage your Business Marketing 

Business Marketing is a huge aspect that can take your brand to the next level. You should focus on your marketing strategies, as this is the way you can make the most out of your brand in the time of a lockdown. You can learn new tactics and strategies that will help you in your marketing campaign.

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3. Give your website and portfolio a new look

When people first hear about a photographer, they go to their website to check out their online portfolio. Hence updating and reorganizing your website and portfolio could be a valuable step for your business. The better your portfolio is going to look, the more engagement and clients you'll get from your website.

impact of coronavirus on photographers


4. Think of new inspirations and ideas

This is a great way to get through the lockdown as photography is an evolving field and you always have to be ready to learn more if you wish to stay relevant. Once you stop learning, your photography will become monotonous and it might become difficult for you to get clients with your old school photography.

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5. Start Planning for projects with fewer people

If staying inside because of the lockdown is really getting on your nerves, you can still do indoor photography with a smaller crew. You can photograph still life and various things not breaking the lockdown rules. These personal projects are important as they bring out the creativity of the artist.

photographers Affected By Covid-19 Outbreak


6. Take a look at some amazing photo books

You should do this so that you can understand more about photography and what people find appealing in it. And if you crack this, it will be easy for you to do some eye-catching photography.

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Hence if you are a photographer, try out these tips and stay inside at all times to be safe. Or if you are a person who is looking to get some inspirations and ideas for any future wedding event, then check out our website Vintage Films.

  • 30 Mar 2020
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