4 Tips and Tricks for Modern Vintage Photography

4 Tips and Tricks for Modern Vintage Photography

Vintage photography is not outdated! It is a style of photography that is obsolete but has seen a surge in its use not only by the passionate photographers but by the professional photographers as well, who use this style in different events that they cover. Vintage photography has so much significance in our lives no matter how advanced the technologies are developed, it will always be relevant. 

Say, if you are a cinematographer or a photographer and want to portray your modern shots as the shots from the 1980s or before, then you will certainly have to use Vintage filter to make this marvel happen. 

Most of the photographers use this style in different events to reveal the importance of that particular shot, even most of the people who prefer to have a photoshoot demand to some vintage shots in the photo album. Today, in this blog, we will tell you 4 classic tips for modern vintage photography. 

Including antique in your photoshoot can make your photographs look splendid, mesmerizing, and perhaps form ancient age.

1. Antique Objects 

Modern vintage photographs look splendidly creative when the antique objects are involved in the photoshoot. You can conjure up some fascinating objects rotary phones, compasses, Hourglass, or old cameras. These objects of a bygone age can bring some antiquity to your photographs. 

2. Monochromatic

Monochromatic photography is a style of photography that focuses on capturing one unique colour to emphasize explicit emotions. This is the best way to capture the mood and the atmosphere of the subject, making it stand out from other snapshots. Using silhouettes can help you underline your portrayal. 

3. Black and White

This type of picture falls in the category of vintage photography where the picture is clicked in a way that it depicts the subject and the objects in the two main colours of the spectrum, Blak and White. Most of the inspirational messages are rendered through black and white photography helping it to emphasize contrast and black colour's nature to highlight the white. 

4. Add Shadow

Playing with colours and lighting makes the pictures the most alluring and sophisticated. Use shadow to make some blind spots and to highlight the other part. This type of photography is used to pacify the hardness of the background or the brightness in the atmosphere.

  • 16 Dec 2019
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