Best tips for indian pre wedding couple photography

Best tips for indian pre wedding couple photography

If you are looking for the best Indian pre wedding couple photography tips then you have come to the right place. The concept of pre wedding is not new anymore. This is why there are so many couples out there looking for the photoshoot. But most of the time, the couple goes clueless for the photoshoot because of a lack of communication with the photographer.

Best Tips For Indian Pre Wedding Couple Photography
There can be several different reasons why the photoshoot might not go as you had thought in your head. So, here are the best tips you can follow to make your pre wedding shoot.

Indian Pre Wedding Couple Photography


Discuss with the photographer

The first thing you must do after hiring a photographer is, have a discussion about what you want or what you can have. This will give you clarity and also the photographer so that you can have the photos that you want.

Lookup for ideas

The best thing you can do to be better prepared for your Indian pre wedding shoot is lookup for ideas on the internet. You can check out Pinterest or websites of photographers. 

Pre Wedding Couple Photography


Decide the location where you want to have the shoot. You can go to an old fort, or beach or maybe mountains. Just see what suits you the best and go for it. 

Pre Wedding Photography


Even if it’s just a pre wedding shoot, you need to look good. So treat it like a wedding shoot only. Makeup can help you look more attractive and help you avoid getting your sweat captured in the pictures. 
Tips For Indian Pre Wedding


Lastly, you need to decide what you want to wear for the photoshoot and also see if it is going with the theme. If it’s a vintage-style pre wedding shoot, don’t expect to go in a pair of jeans and a worn-down t-shirt and still get good pictures. Trust us, it will be a waste of your time and money. So, dress appropriately. If you need to wear ethnic, wear ethnic. If a tuxedo is required then don’t think twice before wearing one. 
Indian Pre Wedding Photography

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