Tips for Creative Wedding Photography || Vintage Films

Tips for Creative Wedding Photography || Vintage Films

We all love and are attracted to the various aspects of creativity. Creativity is all about thinking out of the box and coming up with surprising and unique results. And the same goes if we talk about wedding photography. 

People have grown weary of the old and traditional posed wedding photoshoots. And due to this, people nowadays go for these offbeat wedding photoshoots. And if you are a couple who also is looking for some inspiration for their creative wedding shoot then this is the place for you. We here at Vintage Films have a flair for the creative ourselves.


So, before we tell you some tips and tricks on how you can make your wedding photoshoot creative, here are some reasons for


Why should you choose Creative Wedding Photography?


  • Gives a touch of drama to the wedding.

Can we just admit that we all have a thing for drama? These shoots spice up the photos and make them way more interesting.


  • Help you tell your story.

Many times photographers use this genre to tell the story of the bride and the groom. And the photos are clicked in such a fashion, that the viewers can instantly understand the journey of the couple.


  • Breaks Monotony

As we discussed, people are bored with the old posed photoshoots hence they are more drawn towards these creative wedding shoots.


  • Bizarre is the new black.

Okay, we might just have made that saying up, but you understand what we mean. Out of all the things that people love to see and share is unique stuff.


Hence you are already on board for a creative wedding shoot, here are some of the...


Most Creative Wedding Photoshoot Ideas:


  • Getting Ready Shot

This shoot is done in the dressing room of the bride and groom on the wedding day as they prepare themselves for one of the biggest days of their lives. 


  • Close Up Portraits

This is one of the best shots when it comes to creative wedding photography. If all the elements like the subject, background, and lighting are done right, the photos can turn out to be impressive.


  • Candid Moments

A good creative photographer emphasizes on candid moments as those are the best times to capture emotion.


  • Ceremonial Shots

These are the happy moments at the Haldi, Mehndi and the Sangeet Parties. Everybody is having fun, most people are drunk. These are the shots where you can see how happy the family is for the couple.


  • Include the bridesmaids and the groomsmen

No creative wedding shoot is complete without the goofy and naughty pictures of the bridesmaids and the groomsmen. You can always resort to again and again looking at these photos to get a laugh.


These ideas have always worked for us and we hope that they work for you too. And if you want some more inspiration with the wedding shoot then you can see some of our best works at Vintage Films.

  • 07 Feb 2020
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