8 Things You Should Do To Enhance Your Pre Wedding Photography Skill

8 Things You Should Do To Enhance Your Pre Wedding Photography Skill

If you are the best wedding photographer and want to enhance your pre wedding photography skills then you have come to the right place. The industry has recently seen a rise in the demand for pre wedding photographers. The biggest contributor to it is social media. There are so many pictures of couples out there from pre weddings that it is already becoming challenging for the photographers to come up with ideas that are creative and new. Whether it is your first pre wedding shoot or fifteenth, you can always work your way up to the top and improve your photography skills. So, here are some of the ways to do that. 

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Sit with the couples
The first thing to do whenever you get a pre wedding project is to sit with the couple. It is possible that the couple is clueless about what they want but the majority of the time, they’d tell you what theme or what kind of location they want from the photoshoot. This way, you can collect bits and pieces to come up with good ideas that the client will appreciate. 


Do some research
Rather than relying on getting ideas out of thin air, do your research before the photoshoot. Once you have talked to the client, make sure that you can go on the internet and see related pictures. This way, you will get the idea of what kind of photoshoot you can do. 


Visit the venue prior to the photoshoot
Before doing pre wedding photography or any other photography, the first thing you must do is, visit the venue. Doing a little recce will help you prepare for the photoshoot better. 

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Keep the couple comfortable
The one thing that you must be focusing on is keeping the couple comfortable. Since it is the first time you are shooting with the, you don’t know how comfortable they are in front of the camera. So, make sure that you create an atmosphere where they can feel less shy. The best way to do so is by communicating. Make sure that you don’t boss around and include the couple in the decision making of what kind of shot should be taken. 

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Work with Natural light more
To enhance the result of your photoshoot and get some great pictures, make sure that you take full advantage of the natural light. Take as many shots as you can in the sun as compared to a studio or somewhere inside. 

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Add live elements
While doing the pre wedding photoshoot, you can enhance the pictures by adding live elements, for example, a horse. A live element helps in elevating the pictures and gives a different perspective to pictures that would look rather monotonous. 

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Shoot in Raw mode
Keep the camera settings to RAW mode while taking pictures rather than JPEG mode. This will help in better editing and manipulating the image according to your needs. 

Things You Should Do To Enhance Your Pre Wedding Photography Skill



This is a Pre wedding photoshoot and the best time to know the couple better. The most you will be relaxed, the more comfortable the couple will feel around you and your camera. 


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  • 11 May 2020
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