Simrat and Ajay || Ring Ceremony Shoot || Vintage Films

Simrat and Ajay || Ring Ceremony Shoot || Vintage Films

We here at Vintage Films love being a part of other people's celebrations. And recently we got a chance to be a part of Simrat and Ajay's Ring Ceremony as their photographers. 

However the event was just the ring ceremony, it looked nothing less than a casual laid back wedding reception. The couple decided to have the ring ceremony on an open lawn. But don't let "Open Lawn" misguide you. The decor of the place was amazing. The decor worked as some really breathtaking backdrops.

Both Simrat and Ajay were looking absolutely stunning at the ceremony. So we decided to do a separate shoot for both of them after the ceremony.

Everything at the ring ceremony went flawlessly. The spirit of celebration was in the air and so was the champagne. The event was nothing like a ring ceremony. Everyone was dancing and having the time of their lives as there were even live bands performing. 

We took a final shot of the couple near the pool with the fireworks that turned out to be our favorite shot of the evening. The symmetry, the reflection in the water everything was perfect.


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  • 12 Feb 2020
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