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Sikh Wedding Photography | Vintage Films

Weddings are the most important and much-anticipated events in our life. If you have succeeded in finding your love and are intending to get married to your beloved, then you are the luckiest. You will have someone is life who will share life with your, memories, dreams, desires, happiness, good times, and bad times. Getting married is a blessing. And marriage is a ceremony that is sacred and celebrated among the most loved people of your life. India is a country famous for its diverse cultures, religions, customs, traditions, and food. Indian weddings are the most famous events, as they are celebrated with a full swing, exuberance, and enthusiasm. Every wedding is different in its style, sermons, and rituals or the candid wedding photography. One such wedding is a Sikh wedding, which grabs attention because of its elegance, sophistication, food, drinks, music, dance, and whatnot. Sikh weddings are the most colourful weddings, which span for over days or even for a week. The celebrations and the planing of the event start a long time before the wedding ceremony, making sure the day is most amazing, unique and memorable. 

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Rituals in Sikh weddings -

Sikh weddings are lovely to watch and even more amazing to participate in and celebrate. Mainly spread over 3-4 days, the Sikh wedding kicks off with a pre wedding ritual Kurmai or engagement ceremony, the families start this sacred ceremony by reading the holy book Guru Granth Sahib at Gurudwara after which the wedding day is fixed. This is followed by the exchange of rings between the couple. Then comes the Chunni Chadai, when the family members from the groom's side visit the bride with gifts, clothes, and jewellery. To keep the bridegroom away from the bad omens, a sacred Sikh ritual Gana is performed during which a red thread is tied on the alternative hands of the bride and the groom. Vatna comes after Gana, similar to that of the Haldi ceremony in Hindu weddings, where turmeric paste is applied to the bride and the groom for the natural glow, and charm.

Then comes the Baraat, donning the wedding attire, groom along with his Baraati proceed towards the Wedding Venue. As he reaches the wedding venue, the groom is welcomed by the bride's family with gifts and exchange fancy garlands. 

The main wedding ceremony is the blissful union of the couple called Anand Karaj, which is followed by Laavan Pheras. This ceremony makes the bride and the groom husband and wife. The rituals that follow this are Karah Prasad, Doli, and Pag Phere.

Sikh Wedding Photography -

Since Sikh weddings are colourful and awe-inspiring, it takes a lot of effort to capture the event. Sikh wedding photographers cover the event from the pre wedding rituals until the last ritual post wedding. A Sikh wedding photographer is the camera person experts in capturing the Sikh weddings across the cultures and region. A Sikh wedding photographer is experienced and knowledgable about the ceremonies and the rituals in any Sikh wedding, he knows the process involved in the wedding. Choosing a Sikh wedding photographer on your Sikh wedding eases your job of assigning a person to guide the photographer about the rituals and the process on the wedding day. A Sikh wedding photographer makes sure every important ritual is cover candidly and creatively. 

WATCH FULL EVENTS: Jaskaran and Gursheen

Three Things
that make Sikh Wedding different from the rest of the wedding ceremonies.

Timing for Lavaan Pheras -

Sikh weddings are not merely a legal union but a holy and sacrad one, where the two people vowing to get married for life are united by the religious rituals. There is a specific timing to conduct the Lavaan, some people do it as per the will. 

Only 4 Pheras -

In Sikh weddings, the Lavaan Pheras is circumambulation that is repeated four times, unlike in Hindu marriages, which has seven. 

Pheras Around The Holy Book -

Unlike in Hindu marriages, wherein the circumambulation or 'Pheras' are done around the sacred fire, the Lavaan Pheras are conducted around the holy book of Sikhs, Guru Granth Sahib. 

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