7 Important FAQs to ask your Wedding Photographer

7 Important FAQs to ask your Wedding Photographer

As soon as the new trends and styles stamped the Wedding industry, the wedding photographers saw new dawn with rising demand to pull off the ideal weddings. Importantly, every couple with an intention to get married hires a professional photographer who will capture the amazing moments at the wedding ceremony. Since the wedding is a one-time event, rejoiced among the loved ones, people have started to celebrate it with utmost perfection and fancily. It has skyrocketed the demand for hiring wedding photographers specialized in covering weddings across traditions.


We have compiled 10 Frequently Asked Question about Wedding Photographers:

1. What kind of services are provided by a wedding photographer?

A wedding photographer provides several services, given he is well trained, experienced, and well qualified in the field of wedding photography. Services offered by a wedding photographer vary from one professional to another, depending on their specialization and field of expertise, they provide different services. Here are some of the most sought services from a wedding photographer.

Pre wedding photography -

A wedding photographer is an experienced professional who can provide the best pre wedding photography service to the couple expecting to get married. Since this photo session is scheduled months or weeks before the actual wedding, it also helps you to check and observe what kind of photographer you need for your wedding day. You might also choose the one who will do your pre wedding, which will make you more comfortable at the wedding while being clicked.  

Candid Wedding Photography -

A wedding photographer who is experienced in covering the events and weddings across the cultural spectrum, and who is creative and passion-driven can give you the most random and candid shots at your wedding. He will not ask you and your guests to smile while he clicks the picture. He will cover the whole event without disturbing or intervening in your wedding. 

Fashion and Portfolio Photography -

A well trained and versatile wedding photographer can also provide services like Fashion Photography and Portfolio Photography. Whether you are intending to build your portfolio for your career or thinking about getting your model shoot done, the wedding photographer can provide these services undoubtedly. 

Cinematography -

Many wedding photographers also provide cinematography services to clients on wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, corporate events, and so on. If you want your wedding photographer to film your wedding, he can easily handle that with his expert team of cinematographers. 

The other services that a wedding photographer can provide are professional photography, birthday party photography, traditional wedding photography, bridal and family portrait, and so on. 

2. How is contemporary wedding photography different from traditional Wedding Photography?

With the advent of new styles in the world of weddings, creative ways of clicking pictures have whirlpool the wedding industry. With everyone wanting to get clicked in a contemporary approach, traditional wedding photography has lost the pace. Creative photographers who make wonders happen have changed the style of capturing weddings. Not everyone prefers to get clicked in an old fashion.

3. What is Candid Wedding photography?

Candid wedding photographers are the professionals who click your picture in your natural appearance. A Candid photographer will make sure that you are clicked randomly without disturbing your original impression. He will not tell to smile or pose for a picture. He captures the subject while the subject is engaged in any activity, which can be working, smiling, playing, or in conversation with someone.

4. What are the different styles provided by a wedding photographer?

There are various styles that a wedding photographer can provide. Be it a pre wedding photography, or a wedding ceremony, based on the theme of the event, he will capture the event in different styles and formats. 


The top 10 amazing photography styles:

1. Traditional photography

2. Classical Photography

3. Portrait Photography

4. Aerial Photography

5. Illustrative Photography

6. Vintage Photography

7. Fine Art Photography

8. Black and White Photography

9. Adventurous Photography

10. Retro Photography

5. What aspects should you consider while choosing Wedding Photography Services?

Since you read all the above questions above about the photographers, you must have got a slight idea of what things you need to consider while choosing the photographer. It certainly depends on your event and the theme of your wedding. However, the budget also matters a lot, you must have an idea of your budget elasticity while choosing the best photographer. You should be able to negotiate with the photographer. 


No matter what service you require, here are three things that you must consider while choosing the best photographer

- Availability of the photographer

- Budget

- Services provided by the photographer

- Portfolio of the photographer

- Experience and skills

- And approach 

6. Do wedding photographers offer cloud-based delivery?

With the advent of the latest technology, tech-savvy photographers will provide you with all the pictures online. Whether you want them digitally in your pen drive or online on your drive. He will upload in the drive and share the link you can later download them. There is related software where photographers share pictures with clients in real-time while building their portfolio. 

7. After how many days do the wedding photographers deliver the photos?

If you want the pictures unedited, a photographer may give them immediately after the shoot is over. May be within 2-3 day working days. If you want them edited and online, it might take at least 8 days to edit them and upload them to the drive. 

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