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Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon || Vintage Films

Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon || Vintage Films

Pre wedding photography has become such a big trend that each and every couple wants the best pre wedding photoshoot with best Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon but the question that pops up here is


What makes a pre wedding photoshoot amazing?

There are many elements at play that make a pre wedding shoot look fabulous. And we here at Vintage Films are going to tell you about them.


The chemistry between the couple 

This is one of the most important things in a pre wedding shoot. A pre wedding shoot is supposed to tell the story of the couple, like how they met, fell in love and what common interests they share. And that is only possible when the couple has good chemistry between them.


 A basic understanding between the couple

This is also an important aspect as there has to be a basic understanding between the couple and the photographer so that the photographer is able to get his/her instructions across and the couple is able to follow that. And many times a couple also wants a particular type of shoot, so they should be able to tell the photographer about it. Just make sure that you have the best Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon, and you will have the best photoshoot.


The Ideas and Inspirations

Every couple nowadays goes for a pre wedding shoot. So it's these ideas and inspirations that can make your pre wedding different and unique.

Here are some ideas that you can try at your pre wedding shoot:


Pluck Cards (or Props)

This is the go-to option to make your pre wedding photography more exciting. You can also get some custom pluck cards to use for your save the date videos with your names and the date on various objects like for example an umbrella.


Smoke Bombs 

You must have seen one of those shoots where the subjects are holding colored smoke bombs. It looks really stylish.


Go with different themes

To keep your pre wedding from becoming boring you gave choose a number of different themes and have a shoot with each theme with separate backgrounds and outfits.


Why Choose Vintage Films?

We here at Vintage Films are a team of best wedding photographers and cinematographers who give their heart and soul to make our clients' weddings and pre wedding shoots stand out with creativity.

So if you are looking for a Pre Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon then we might be the best choice for you.