5 Awesome Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

5 Awesome Pre Wedding Photoshoot Ideas

Thinking of getting a pre wedding shoot done? Well, let us help you with 5 indifferent ideas that you must definitely try to have the best pre wedding photoshoot and some really memorable pictures. 

You can have a fantastic pre wedding photoshoot with these amazing ideas that will also help you create memories that you will cherish forever. 

The Classic Twirl
This pre wedding photoshoot idea is about shaking a leg with your partner and spend a good time. The best part is that you don’t need to pose anything. All you need to do is dance with each other while imitating the twirl as shown in the picture below. Make sure that you are wearing a lehenga that supports your twirl. You can try this photoshoot at a nice location like a fort or at a riverside. It will give you some really magnificent pictures. 

best pre wedding photoshoot ideas


The Proposal
Imagine how amazing it would be to recreate the time when you proposed your loved one to be your s forever. Well, you can do that, more like recreate that by having a pre wedding photoshoot in front of starry lights and a beautiful location. You can take inspiration from the mesmerizing pictures shown below.


best pre wedding photoshoot

The Royalty
Another amazing pre wedding photoshoot idea is The Royalty shot where you and your loved one sit on a throne or a beautiful couch and get clicked like a royalty. Such shots will give you pictures that you can proudly post it on your social media. 

pre wedding shoot ideas for couple


The Classic Traveller
This pre wedding photoshoot idea is inspired by the classic couple traveller shot. When you have your pre wedding photoshoot at a beautiful destination, you can imitate this shot. The best part is, you can make a series of these shots by travelling to different locations. Check out the picture to get some inspiration. 


pre wedding couple photoshoot

The Unbeatable eye contact
The way you look at your lover can make up for a great shot. This is one of the most beautiful pre wedding photoshoot ideas. You can hold each other in the arms and look at each other like there’s nothing else that matters. Check out some of these shots to get the best idea. 

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pre wedding photographer in Delhi

pre wedding photoshoot ideas.
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