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Pre Wedding Photographer In Delhi | Vintage Films


Pre Wedding Photographer In Delhi | Vintage Films


Gone are the days when to-be-wed couples would meet each other on their marriage ceremony, with evolving trends, the couples like to meet before the programmed marriage ceremony. Pre wedding photography is a photo shoot where the couples get to know more about each other. This meeting between the to be wed couples is made possible by a pre-wedding photoshoot, which takes place months or weeks before the wedlock. The theme of the photoshoot, style, and location are decided by the couple and the pre wedding photographer.

The couples have different desires, they like to travel, visit places, go on a hike and some are likely to prefer nature over everything, hills and lush green mountains will be perfect for them. Some to be wed couples like an adventurous trip and some are excited to visit enchanting beaches. And some get more romantic when they seek escape amid the snowclad hills.

With changing times, wedding photography trends have seen a big change. Before there were wedding photoshoots that were limited to just the wedding day. Now, the whole ideology behind wedding photoshoots has changed. Now, couples don’t want to spend cash on a regular photographer but on someone who can provide them with the best experience. And one of the trends that have stood out is pre wedding photography. It is rising in Delhi, where hundreds, if not thousands, of weddings, take place in a month. So, the demand for a pre wedding photographer in Delhi has gradually increased.

What is Pre wedding photography?


Unlike regular Wedding photography, the pre wedding photography takes place a week or months prior to the wedding date. This gives the couple a chance to spend some time with each other as well as get to know the photographer. Some people are camera shy which can become a problem while getting captured for the final wedding album. So, pre wedding photography gives a chance to get rid of hesitation in front of the camera as well as create memories and pictures that can be added to your wedding album.

Now, if you are a couple in Delhi who is looking forward to trying the knot soon, let us tell you why you should opt for a Pre wedding photographer in Delhi.

1. Rehearsal - Hiring a pre wedding photographer in Delhi is a great way to prepare yourself for the actual wedding photography. If you are camera shy then it can be a great thing to do as you can figure out your best side and pose. Once you open up during pre wedding photography, you can actually enjoy your wedding photography.


2. Create Memories - If you hire the top pre wedding photographer in Delhi then you can actually create some memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Moreover, the photos from the pre wedding photoshoot can be framed or can be used as a backdrop for your wedding.


3. Freedom - The amazing part about Pre Wedding Photography is that you have the freedom to choose the theme, the venue, and most importantly the time. Unlike wedding photography, you don’t have limited time. You can hire the photographer for a day and have plenty of time in your hands to compose yourself and get clicked the way you want.


4. Stay away from attention - When you are getting clicked during the wedding, things can get a bit uncomfortable as all the eyes and attention move towards you. Imagine getting clicked while everyone is looking at you. At first, you may feel like a star but as time gets passed, you will feel more and more uncomfortable and you may even ask the photographer to hurry up a little. This can be avoided when you hire a pre wedding photographer in Delhi.


How to find the pre wedding photographer in Delhi?


Delhi is a big city with so many different people, culture and languages that you may feel overwhelmed at times. While looking for a pre wedding photographer in Delhi, there are some things you can keep in mind, things that will help you decide whether a photographer is the one you are looking for from a lot of thousands of photographers.

Firstly, you can take a look at several portfolios of photographers. This might sound a little daunting at the beginning but once you look at the first 10 portfolios, you will find it easier to judge the next 10 or 20.

Next thing you can do arrange an interview session where you can discuss with the photographer about his work, speciality, and other things. You can further shortlist by choosing those who specialize in pre wedding photography. Take a detailed look at their style as it can help you decide whether a photographer is good for you or not.

An important note: Whenever you are hiring a pre wedding photographer in Delhi, try to stay within your budget. There’s no point in going over budget as you can always find a good photographer who fits within your budget. If you actually like a photographer but the fee seems too high, don’t hold back from negotiating and asking the photographer to come down to more agreeable terms.

Why choose Vintage Films for your pre wedding photoshoot?

Vintage Films is a band of professional photographers in Delhi and storytellers who transform pictures into a memorable story. With exceptional and creative-minded photographers, who have years of experience in covering the wedding events, Vintage Films is a brand in the photography industry. We aim at capturing the real essence of the couple by clicking pictures candidly and creatively. We capture the moments which can not be heard or felt, we capture those emotions which are worth a million. With up to date technology and the creative professionals in the photo shooting, Vintage Films stands out with its unique and contemporary approach to deliver the story through pictures. We have the pre wedding photographers in Delhi, who can deliver all your needs and requirements on time with perfection. So, if you are looking for a professional photographer in Delhi, contact us right away and we will shoulder all your responsibilities regarding photography.

Now, if you are looking for the pre wedding photographer in Delhi within your budget then let us tell you that we, at The Vintage Films, are known for providing one of the pre wedding photographers in Delhi. We are storytellers who always look forward to capturing the moments shared by a couple and weaving those moments into stories. We have been winning the hearts of people of Delhi for over 7 years. Our team of professionals strives towards creating the best memories for you and your loved ones so that you can cherish those moments for years to come.

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