Best Pre Wedding Candid Photography Ideas

Best Pre Wedding Candid Photography Ideas

If you are going to tie the knot soon and want to go for best pre wedding photography then you have come to the right place. We will help you with find out the best poses that will get you some great pictures along with ideas about where and how you can get the photoshoot executed the way you want. 

The thing with pre wedding photography is that it is a way of getting the photoshoot done in peace. And you can get as creative as you can whether it is with location, theme or poses. You don’t have anybody else around you apart from the photographer so there’s no chance of getting uncomfortable at any point. Now, before going for a photoshoot, it is always best to do some homework, especially when you are not a photographer. 


Pre wedding candid photography ideas - 

The Glittery Shot
This kind of pre wedding shoot is usually done at a palace kind of place where the day gives you a scenic view while the nights presents you with lighting that is perfect to depict modern age romanticism through pictures. So, you can take idea from the picture to get such a lovely shot. 

Best Pre wedding Candid Photography Ideas


Lost in the eyes
This is another great example of candid pre wedding photo. In this kind of shot, the couple is supposed to look into each other’s eyes and giving the look that only a loved one can give. To make it look more natural, you can tell each other a joke or talk about some memory that is very dear to you. 

Pre wedding Candid Photography Ideas


The Walking Shot
This one is pretty easy as for this, you just need to dress up really good and walk down the stairs or stroll through the wood. It’s really up to you. The outcome can be really good. You can take an idea from this shot. 

Candid Photography Ideas


Horse Riding
You can also ride a horse or do any other activity together to get a candid shot for your pre wedding photography. 

Pre wedding Photography Ideas


Chilling with closed ones
You can also bring your closed ones together for the photoshoot and try out something like this. 

Best Pre wedding Photography Ideas

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