5 Tips For Portrait Photography | Vintage Films

5 Tips For Portrait Photography | Vintage Films

Portrait photography or Portraiture is one of the most challenging yet rewarding genres of photography by wedding photograper that requires both technical competence and ability in the approach of capturing the subject. This genre is the most complex, where the goal is to unravel the personality of the subject through the pictures. This photography needs a lot of patience and knowledge to hone the skills. It is one of the most flourishing and challenging jobs to do. Portrait photography is a subtle art of describing the personality and traits of a person or a group of people using effective backdrops, poses, and lighting.

Portraiture is not just clicking a snapshot, it certainly is more than that. When a portrait photographer is said to click portrait pictures, it is not just the face and the location that matters. You will have to take care of features, characteristics, and lighting to capture not the face but the identity and the attitude of the subject. In this blog, we will provide an in-depth definition of portrait photography and a few simple tips and techniques to master portrait photography. 

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Five Things that you should take care of while doing the portraiture:-

1. Location -

During portrait photography, every photographer must consider the location of the shoot the main priority. The location might change the mood and the attitude of the subject. So, you must choose the location carefully for the portraiture. It also depends on the type of portrait you have to shoot. Whether it is for a school event, wedding ceremony, bridal photoshoot, or to display on your personal website for business, the portraiture varies from style area to area. The background in portraiture is equally important, whether you want a plain background, blurred, or open background. 

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2.Light -

The most important factor for portrait photography is the light. Most of the exceptional portrait photographers use natural light to keep the picture simple and the subject comfortable. You can use your creativity to play with the natural light and the camera settings, you can also use the sunlight to illuminate the face of the subject positively. 

3.Approach -

Every genre of photography has a unique approach to capture the subject but portrait photography has four types of approaches

Candid, Environmental, Constructionist, and Creative.

- Candid

The candid photo is not considered a portrait, however, the shot captures the candid appearance of what the subject is thinking, its mood, and attitude.

- Constructionist

This type of portraiture involves the emotions of the subject. The photographer chooses a specific background that sets the mood of the photography, the light, and the subject's body language should convey the emotions. For example, a woman who is mom-to-be is standing and looking towards her belly conveys that she is waiting for the happiest moment. 

- Environmental

This type of photography tells about the passion and the profession of the subject. For example, if a person has a passion for paintings, he should be shot against the backdrop of paintings, or if the subject is a writer, he can be clicked in his office with a pen and a notepad. 

- Creative

This type of photography involves sharp looks from the subject, it tells about his attitude and style. The photographer experiments with lighting and breaks the rules of composition to get some amazing clicks. 

4. Keep your Subject at Ease -

When you are clicking portraiture of your subject, make sure he or she is comfortable while you click the pictures. The comfort will make your subject look natural. Make the subject aware of the procedure, lighting, and environment. This will help him to gain your trust, which eventually gives the best portrait pictures. 

5. Click Plethora -

If you are using a digital camera, it won't cost a penny. so, when you are clicking the pictures, click relentlessly until you are satisfied and get the best image you were expecting. Later you can choose the best one from the rest of the pictures. 

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