7 Photos a pre wedding Photographer Must Click

7 Photos a pre wedding Photographer Must Click

If you are a couple going for a pre wedding photoshoot soon then you must be looking for ideas on the internet. No matter how good of a photographer you hire, you have to be prepared from your end also to have some good pictures. 

That being said, you can always work on poses and get comfortable with the photographer to get rid of the camera shyness.

Now the thing is, the photographer that you hire, will probably give you some ideas of what kind of photoshoot to have. But you can also provide him/her with ideas of your own so that you can get the photos of your choice that you definitely want for your album.

So, here is a list of 7 photos that a pre wedding photographer must click.

1. The intimate shots
You have to have shots with a little bit of closure. The whole point of having a pre wedding photoshoot is that you can get such shots without getting awkward in front of the camera. So make sure that you get your photographer to click such shots.

The intimate shots

best pre wedding couple

Photos a pre wedding Photographer Must Click

2. The Cool Shots
Do you know what’s cool? Having a photoshoot riding a horse. You can rent horses for your photoshoot and have your photographer click some beautiful pictures. The right photographer will know how to be creative with it. 

black and white shot

pre wedding photoshoot with elephant
pre wedding photographer in delhi
best photographer in chandigarh

3. Snuggle shots
You can ask your photographer to capture some snuggly shots. These can be done inside the house where you can wear comfy clothes. 

indoor pre wedding photoshoot
indoor pre wedding photography

4. The mesmerizing ones
Do you know what’s mesmerizing? Taj Mahal. The ultimate epitome of love and beauty that exists. Having a photoshoot there may sound cliche but it will totally be worth it. The photographer can use his creativity to capture great shots like the ones shown below. 

top pre wedding photorapher in agra
best pre wedding photoshoot in agra

5. The Royal Shot
You can go to the photoshoot where you dress up as royalty and have a photoshoot in a palace. You can ask your pre wedding photographer to click a photo like the one shown below. 



6. Perspective shot
Perspective shots are getting really famous, even in the pre wedding photography industry. Such shots require the photographer to click the photos from a perspective. You can totally try out such shots for your pre wedding as they look really amazing. 


7. The Casual Shot
This is one of those basic shots that show the couple in regular light. This means that you could be doing any regular tasks like reading a book and talking to each other. 

The important thing to ask your photographer is to be as creative as possible with the shots in order to click unique pictures. Try to communicate as much as possible throughout your pre wedding photoshoot so that you can get the pictures that you want for your photoshoot. 

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With an experience of over 7 years, we can guarantee that pictures clicked by us will make their way into your hearts. So, if you want the best and most creative pre wedding pictures, book your photoshoot with Vintage Films now. 

  • 12 Jun 2020
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