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Luxury Wedding Photographer in Delhi | Vintage Films

Luxury Wedding Photographer in Delhi | Vintage Films

When you look at your partner in the realization that you are in love and want to live your whole life with your beloved, you are the luckiest person to have someone who will be with you forever through thick and thin of your life. Marriage is the celebration of love shared by two people who commit to each other for a lifetime in the union of matrimony. For a great milestone like weddings, couples desire to celebrate their big day in a Luxurious manner. Couples who are planning a fancy huge wedding celebration are making a shift from a traditional wedding celebration to a modern wedding celebration with many couples yearning for a destination wedding, Pre wedding photography, like pre and post wedding ceremonies.

When couples are high on the excitement to get married, they want to celebrate their great day with utmost perfection and enthusiasm. Realizing the significance of this great day, to be wed couples mostly prefer the fancy wedding so that they can have an amazing experience in their lifetime. As a wedding is a onetime event where two people come together for life and vow to remain there for each other in the happiest and the desperate times, these couples want this day to have everything. This is the reason most of the couples prefer luxurious weddings.

Luxury Wedding Photography in Delhi -

The main difficulty arises for a couple getting married in an exquisite place like Delhi is to choose the best luxury wedding photographer in Delhi, who can capture the real candid moments of the wedding and provide an aesthetic theme to their wedding photographs. Luxury wedding photography in Delhi requires a lot of professionalism to maintain the balance of proper artistic quality in wedding photographs. A luxury wedding photographer in Delhi should be efficient enough to add grace to your portraits and landscape wedding photographs.

The Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi will capture all the crucial candid moments from a wedding and will ensure not to miss on any ritual of the wedding ceremonies. Luxury wedding photography in Delhi is mainly innovative portraits and landscapes of the couple’s wedding photographs in gorgeous backgrounds.

Here are some amazing things that make luxury weddings stand out from other weddings.

Locations -

Luxury weddings are mostly planned at a place that has everything to offer on a wedding day. The location booked for a luxurious wedding is aloof from home, at an exotic place that makes the wedding elegant and breathtaking. Locations play a pivotal role in Luxury weddings, which pushes couples to choose destination weddings. And it gives an amazing opportunity to the luxury wedding photographer to click amazing pictures in different styles creatively. The luxury wedding makes the pictures clicked by the photographer even more vibrant and lively.

Here are the top 10 exotic places for a luxury wedding in Delhi:

1. The Umrao Hotel
2. The Westin
3. Tivoli Grand Resort Hotel
4. Andaz Delhi by Hyatt
5. Mapple Exotica Hotel
6. Vivanta By Taj Surajkund
7. ITC Maurya
8. Amaanta Farms
9. The Manor
10. Taj Mahal Hotel

Outfits -

Another amazing thing at a luxury wedding in Delhi is the splendid attire that is donned by the bride and the groom and by everyone else at the wedding. The fancy dresses add to the glamour and supremacy of the wedding. But nothing can rival that of the gorgeous bride, whose glamourous outfit steals the spotlight at the wedding. A luxury wedding photographer in Delhi who covers the event gets an opportunity to capture everyone in different attires at the wedding. Whether the wedding goes for days or even for a day, people attending the wedding change outfit several times, which makes the place vibrant and looks different in every picture that a luxury wedding photographer clicks.

Theme -

The offbeat theme is what makes the whole ambience at the luxury wedding the most amazing and luxurious. Every wedding has a particular theme according to which the place and the venue are chosen, the place is decorated and the dresses are donned to make the wedding look stunningly mesmerizing. The theme helps the luxury wedding photographer in Delhi to approach and adopt a particular style at the wedding that matches the theme. It helps him to be more creative and document the wedding from different angles.

Food -

When you are celebrating a wedding, you just have all your best friends, family members, relatives and your best people around you, and at a wedding, which is 'luxurious,' you just want everything to be perfect and everything has to be perfect. At a luxury wedding, there is plenty of amazing food in every possible variety that people can have. The wine, colourful cocktails, and the mouth-watering barbeque are what completes a luxury wedding. This is where the luxury wedding photographer in Delhi shows his candid approach in capturing the pictures of people engaged in conversations, smiling and enjoying drinks. This helps the luxury wedding photographer to get the best candid wedding shots at the wedding ceremony.

Why choose Vintage Films?

Vintage Films is a team of best luxury wedding photographers in Delhi-NCR specialized in covering luxury weddings in Delhi and across the country. We have been in the wedding industry for 7 years now and we understand the importance of each ritual involved in different religion and cultures. We offer luxurious wedding photography all over Delhi.

We are a team of luxury wedding photographers in Delhi who uses highly updated technological tools for capturing and editing candid moments of your wedding ceremony. Our team has a unique approach in capturing these best moments of the people attending the wedding. Our experienced team of Luxury wedding photographers in Delhi provides a luxurious experience to a couple and ensures to capture the real chemistry between them, the story behind the wedding ceremony. From Mehendi shots of the bride to var mala ceremony of the couple, we ensure that we capture every crucial and significant moment of the wedding. So, if you are looking for a luxury wedding photographer in Delhi then you must contact us and know some of the amazing ideas that we have for your luxury wedding in Delhi.