Indian Wedding Couple Photoshoot Ideas | The Vintage Films

Indian Wedding Couple Photoshoot Ideas | The Vintage Films

Couples who are soon to tie the knot are always out to look for different ideas and inspirations for their wedding photography. And why shouldn't they? The wedding is one of the most significant parts of a couple's life and they should do everything that they want to make the event memorable.

The more the bride and groom are mentally prepared for the shoot the better the shoot is going to go. Hence we here at Vintage films are here with some Inspirations for couples who want to step up their wedding photography game. So the following are some Indian Wedding Couple Photoshoot Ideas that you should definitely try in 2020:


Emphasis on the gown

The bride's gown is clearly one of the most prominent things in the wedding. So why not go all the way and give the attention to the gown that it deserves. This can be done a lot of ways and totally depends upon how you execute it


Lead The Way 

We here at Vintage Films are always looking from trendy and fashionable photo ideas, and this is an inspiration that we recently got. You might have seen this on Instagram. And we thought this might be a great idea for you to try for your 2020 wedding photography.


Romantic Black and White Images

This is another trend that has taken the world by storm. Black and White pictures have a dramatic and romantic vibe due to which they look very aesthetic. People all over the world get shoots like these and you should too.


Wedding Games

This is one of the most fun parts of the ceremony. These games are part of a tradition that many families follow. After the wedding ceremony, the couple and family members play little fun games, and it is a great time to capture some memories that you can cherish for life.


The Slow Dance

Surely a beautiful moment, when the bride and groom share a slow dance after the wedding ceremony. This is another great moment that has to be captured in a camera, not just so that you can relive this moment in the future but also charm up your wedding album.


Hence these were some of the best Indian Wedding Couple Photoshoot Ideas that you should definitely try for your wedding shoot in 2020.

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  • 08 Apr 2020
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