Indian Wedding Photography | A Complete Guide to Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding Photography | A Complete Guide to Indian Wedding

Changing fashion styles in the Indian wedding industry is stormed with new trends, hopping and taking over the traditional berth that Indians still envision for their wedding day. A country full of diverse cultures, traditions, customs, religions, and extravagant cuisine is famous for its exuberant festivals and undoubtedly for its weddings. Indian weddings are famous festivals in itself, which go on for days and even for weeks at some places. 

Most of the to be wed couples prefer new styles and trends that are adopted in the wedding industry over those of traditional ones that were famous for its affluence. However, some couples still prefer to tie the knot traditionally but with amalgamations of new fashions that make their wedding, even more, experiencing and blissful. 

Since India is rich in cultures, the wedding processes differ from region to region, religion to religion and arrange a marriage to love marriage. There are various ways adopted Indian wedding couples that might be foreign for some people but these ways make the wedding robustly memorable. 

Indian Wedding Photography

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Types of Indian Weddings -

Before we jump to the types of Indian wedding photographer who can document your weddings for you, we will delve into different types of Indian Weddings. 

As we all know that Indian weddings mostly depend on cultures, which are the most prominent thing about the country that makes it unique among all other countries from across the globe and these multicultural weddings stand out and make every culture and tradition look unique. 

1. Indian Hindu Weddings - 

Indian Hindu weddings are extravagant and perfectly colourful. These weddings are like festivals which go on for days and weeks. Celebrated among loved ones, the Indian Hindu Weddings are sacred that involved sacred rituals from the Haldi ceremony to Sangeet, from Mehndi to the ring ceremony and eventually the wedding day at the beautifully decorated Mandap. 

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2. Indian Sikh Weddings -

Indian Sikh Weddings are unique in its own way, popularly known as Anand Karaj, the ceremonies go on for several days post and pre-wedding. Be it the most important parental consent, Roka and Thaka, that is required prior to the actual wedding or Kurmai, the formal engagement ceremony of the bridegroom or the Kirtan, the religious music that makes the ceremony spiritual and emotional, all these pre-wedding ceremonies are quite famous in Indian Punjabi Weddings. Some of the wedding rituals in Indian Sikh Weddings involve Sehra Bandi, Baraat, Milni, Anand Karaj, Lavaan Pheras and so one. Some post-wedding ceremonies include Sadaa Suhagan, Doli and Vidaai, Reception among others. 

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3. Indian Muslim Weddings -

Qabooling (Accepting), Nikah, between the to be bride and groom can take place months before the actual marriage, which as per the religion declares the couple husband and wife. This ceremony may also involve the Mangini, exchange of rings between the couple. Similar to that of Haldi Ceremony Muslims celebrate Manjha Ceremony where the bride is smeared with turmeric paste sent by her to be in-laws. The other pre-wedding ceremonies in Indian Muslim Weddings Involve Mehendi and Sanchaq, gifts sent to the bride by the groom's side. 

The wedding day may involve Nikah, which can also be celebrated weeks or months before the wedding day and Arsi Musaf. Post-wedding ceremonies include Rukhsat, Walimah, and other traditional rituals, which varies in traditions. 

4. Indian Christain Weddings -

The Christian Wedding begins with the bride walking along the aisle (usually accompanied by her father) towards the altar, after which the priest reads them the vows of matrimony. This romantic wedding has garnered spotlight because of its aura, sophistication and elegance. The bide donning a stunning white gown, veil and a flowing trail, while groom adorns himself in black tuxedo or suit. Some of the pre wedding ceremonies of Christian weddings include The Bridal Shower and much-hyped Bachelor’s Party. While Post wedding rituals and traditions involve The Toast and The Dance!

An Indian Wedding Photographer - 

Those couples who are anticipating to vow to live together with the partner through thick and thin throughout the life desire that these beautiful moments that happen once in a lifetime in one's life be captured for life. These pictures help them relive those moments of joy and love again and again. 

As veracity of Indian weddings is that they are rich in cultures and traditions and colourful, the Indian weddings attract people from across the cultures to witness this grand ceremony, which eventually has given rise to the hiring of Indian Wedding Photographers who capture every element of the wedding such that they remain the testimony of love between the two couples and depict the cultural and traditional rituals involved in the wedding. Indian Wedding Photographers, who are well versed will all types of rituals and processes involved in cultural marriages find it easy to cover Indian weddings. Indian Wedding photographers are highly qualified, skilled and most importantly privy to the cultures of India. With new and unique trends in wedding photography poses, different couples tend to choose photographers who are specialized in different genres. 

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1. Candid Wedding Photography -

The trend for hiring Indian candid wedding photographers has seen a popular rise with the advent of fancy trends in the industry and the era of Instagram, where everyone wants to boost up their profile with mesmerizing pictures. Candid wedding photographers click pictures of the subject without disturbing his original or natural appearance. Candid Photographers click the subject candidly and randomly, which makes it more natural as it is clicked in the natural appearance, involving emotions, love, and bliss. Be it Indian Wedding Couple Photography or Indian traditional wedding photography, to be wed couples prefer an Indian Wedding Candid Photographer, who with his exquisite skills bring out the best pictures at the wedding ceremony. 

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2. Best Indian Wedding Photography -

Everyone wants to be documented by the best, at least on a day like a wedding, which is the most important day in one's life. People have started to believe that it is photographs that remain after the wedding, which reminds you of every memory that you have of the wedding. It is pictures that make your memory come alive and can make your relive your past moments. The search for the Best Indian wedding photographers has been increasing with couples wanting to get clicked in a different style at a wedding ceremony or a pre wedding photoshoot. 

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3. Pre wedding Photography -

Indians have adopted this culture of meeting your partner ahead of the wedding ceremony on a get together where the couple gets to know more about each others' desires, passion, ambition, dream, hobbies and so on. And more importantly, likes and dislikes. Although at the pre wedding shoot, couples do not get much time it is quite an enthralling chance to start the new journey. At this session, couples get themselves clicked by the best Indian pre wedding photographer, who clicks the couple in different outfits and themes at different places. 

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4. South Indian Wedding Photography - 

This genre of Photography is quite famous in India. As there are different cultures and rituals involved in South Indian Weddings, people mostly prefer to hire a person who is specialized in South Indian Wedding Photography, who is knowledgable about the rituals involved in the South Indian Weddings. Since people do not want to assign a person to the photographer who will tell him what to do and what not to, south Indian couples mostly prefer the best South Indian wedding photographers who know and cover the process of the south Indian Wedding and the sacred rituals without any disrespect or missing out anything significant.

5. Sikh Wedding Photography -

Photographers who are specialized in covering Sikh weddings are mostly preferred by the Sikh couples anticipating to get married. The Sikh wedding photographers are well versed with the Sikh religion, culture and tradition. As the wedding spans for over several days, Sikh wedding photographers know which ritual is of the most significance.

6. Bridal Portrait Photography -

No bride invests so much time and energy in any ceremony as they do on their wedding day to look gorgeous and stunning for the best moment of their life. So, every bride desires to get herself documented and loves to keep her memory vivid by getting captured in her bridal dress, festooned with ornaments and luxurious jewellery. Indian Bridal Portrait Photographers aim at capturing every significant element in the bride on the wedding day. Be it her jewelry, makeup, hair or her dazzling outfit. Every element is of great importance, which makes her bridal album more vivid and mesmerizing. Most of the brides prefer Candid Photographers, who capture them candidly. Brides do not want to pose unnecessarily, which is why the candid photographer clicks her when she is involved in some activities, which adds natural essence to the Bridal album. 

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Pricing for Indian Wedding Photography -

Indian wedding photographers who are specialized in different genres of photography charge different prices for each service they provide. We at Vintage Films, go beyond the photographing, we emphasize more on creativity and new styles involved in the Indian Wedding Photography. Our services, catered by our best Indian wedding photographers are chargeable as per the style sought by our clients. We have reserved special packages for famous rituals like the Sangeet ceremony, Halid, and Mehndi ceremony and obviously for the wedding day. We charge hourly for some events and photo sessions like Indian pre wedding photography, Bridal Portrait and so on. 


Why choose Vintage Films?

Indian Wedding Photography is what we are masters at. Implementing new styles, executing new trends or experimenting with the different lighting combinations along with different fore and background to make the photographs more creative and lively. Our young, skilled and trained professional photographers, who are specialized in various genres of Photography and specifically Indian Wedding Photography. Our team of photographers has covered hundreds of weddings in India across cultures. Be it Indian Sikh Weddings, South Indian Weddings, Hindu Weddings, Indian Muslim Weddings or even pre weddings, our photographers are well knowledgable and aware of different rituals involved in different cultures and religions, which make it more easier for the photographer to capture every significant moment without any delay. Our photographers are passion-driven, who have a cult for learning and executing new trends, are specialized in different genres like Indian candid wedding photography, Indian Wedding Couple photography, Creative Wedding Photography, Traditional wedding photography, Candid pre wedding photography and so on. 

Vintage Films aims at capturing not just photography but the story behind every couple at the wedding ceremony. We have covered hundreds of weddings, and every wedding is unique in its own way, has something unique to offer and we experience and learn new things at every wedding ceremony. Since India is home to different cultures, religions and traditions, we at Vintage Films endeavor at giving the best services to our valued clients irrespective of the culture or the tradition they follow. Our teams of photographers are well versed with every ritual and process followed at the weddings. So, if you are looking for the best Indian wedding photographer, you must choose us to serve you. We will provide you the world-class experience with our unique approach and the latest photography techniques, which makes us stand out in the wedding industry. Vintage Films provide different premium services at different price ranges. We also provide services for the destination wedding photography and international destination wedding photography. So, if you are looking for an Indian wedding photographer, who can capture on the greatest day of your life, then you must inevitably choose Vintage Films for your great day, who are experts at taking care of every wedding with utmost perfection and decisive precision. You can contact us to know more about the services and our work, and the creative ideas we have for your ceremony and the photo session. 

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