How to prepare yourself for a candid wedding photoshoot?

How to prepare yourself for a candid wedding photoshoot?

This is one of those questions that are relevant for both the photographer and the couple. Preparing for a candid photoshoot is quite a challenge because while you are not supposed to try too much to pose, you have to come up with a plan to execute a perfect candid wedding photoshoot. 

But why candid? Well, candid photoshoots are more emotions centric. The pictures from a candid photoshoot perfectly capture the story of the moment that helps in cherishing those memories in the future. So, if you are going to go for a candid wedding photoshoot, here’s how you can prepare as a couple. 


Preparing for a Candid Wedding Photoshoot


Choosing the right photographer
Candid wedding photography is a style opposite to traditional wedding photography. So, you have to find a photographer who can handle both of them perfectly. So, if you want to find the right photographer, you can check online. 

It can help you find their reviews and see if their portfolio matches your preference. This way, you can boil down your list to that one photographer from whom you can get your photoshoot done. Make sure that you talk to the photographers personally to know them better. 


Specify your expectations
While you talk to the photographer about your expectations, make sure that you specifically mention candid photoshoot. This way, the photographer will be better prepared for your candid wedding shoot. A candid wedding requires a photographer to be on his/her toes all the time. So, make sure that the photographer is ready to do such photoshoot. 


Try to be natural
On the day of the wedding, don’t try to get conscious as soon as the camera turns towards you. Try to be in the moment as much as possible rather than focusing on the camera. This way you can have a candid wedding photoshoot and a bunch of pictures that will tell you the story of that day when you look at the album in the future. 


If you want to prepare for a candid wedding photoshoot or a traditional wedding photoshoot, you have to start out with a good standing and sitting posture. If your back is bent most of the times then it can affect your candid pictures. So, make sure that you practice a good posture in order to look confident in your pictures as well as in general. 

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These are some of the ways in which you can prepare for a candid wedding photoshoot. The best part about a candid shoot is that you don’t have to prepare much. A candid shot is more about being in the moment and enjoying the day while the photographer takes your pictures. As a couple, all you can do is keep the things mentioned above in mind and hire the right photographer. 

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