6 best poses for you to try on your pre wedding photoshoot

6 best poses for you to try on your pre wedding photoshoot

Planning a pre wedding photoshoot? You must be having some fun poses in your head or the kind of theme that you want. You might even have started preparations for the photoshoot by booking an appointment with the makeup artist and shopping for the day. 

Now it’s true that you’d want to look your best during your photoshoot. But just looking good won’t cut the deal. You also want to pose the right way so that your pictures turn out the way you want them to. You can’t rely on 1 or 2 poses that you have got in your head. So, to help you with that, here is a list of 6 poses that you can try on your pre wedding photoshoot. 


6 Best Poses to try on your pre wedding photoshoot


1. Hug from Behind
You must have seen this pose commonly during couple photoshoots. It’s easy to create. In this photoshoot, the guy hugs the girl from behind. Now since this pose is usually captured from the front, you can try to work on the expressions a bit. It’s also not too complicated since all you have to do is smile naturally. 

2. Piggyback from Behind
You can take the hug from behind to another level by going for a piggyback ride pose. Now this is where you can switch places. Now the girl goes on the back of the guy. This is a fun pose to do for couples where the joy and laughter will come naturally on your faces. 

3. The Walking Pose
In this one, you are supposed to take a stroll in nature while holding each other’s hands. Here you don’t even have to pose. All you have to do is walk as you would normally do and talk about things that you like. Being in each other’s company will bring out enough expressions that are needed for a good picture. So, you can try this pose for your pre wedding shoot. 

4. Looking into Each Other’s Eyes
This is another one of those poses where you don’t actually have to pose but look at each other with love and compassion. You can do this while holding each other in arms to make the moment more intimate. 

5. The Dancing Pose
Here you can try out those twirling moves. These are the kind of shots that can give you some really amazing pictures. Dancing together is a really good way to be confident during your photoshoot and get some great pre wedding pictures. 

6. A Hug
This is where you have to make your love shine through the picture where you hug each other with compassion. Hugging tight while actually feeling each other’s heartbeat will not only bring you closer but will also give you a pose that can be a part of your pre-wedding shoot. 

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  • 23 May 2020
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