Couple Photography Shots That Will Make You Fall In Love

Couple Photography Shots That Will Make You Fall In Love

If you are about to tie the knot soon then you have to have pictures that can do justice to all the preparations that you have been doing or about to do. This is most importantly true for a couple of photography shots. There are so many ideas you can take inspiration from in order to prepare for your wedding. If it’s your first time facing the camera, it’s better that you practice the shots. In the end, it is all about getting comfortable in front of the camera and pulling off the postures that rock at your wedding. So, here are some of the best couple of photography shots that you can take ideas from. 

Portrait Photography shots

1. The Mesmerising Shots

This one involves the type of clothing you wear. You can imitate something like this in front of a royal palace to complete the vibe of the photoshoot. 

best couple photoshoot


2. The Creative Shot

This one does not really require you to practice or pose. It’s a normal walking shot captured creatively in order to bring out the best in the picture. The reflection in the water really completes the shot and makes it a beautiful shot that it is. You can also try this one if you have a pool at your wedding venue. 

creative couple photoshoot


3. Makeup Shot

While getting ready, you can get some amazing shots. So while you get your make up done, make sure to get a shot or two. It will really give you some great pictures that you can add to your wedding album or social media handles. Even though it is not a couple of photography but you can get such photos captured separately.

best makeup photoshoot
bridal makeup photoshoot

4. Some bridal portraits

The energy and effort that goes into getting ready to get justified when you have the best pictures of yourself. Bridal portraits are a great way to show off the wedding lehenga and get some amazon pictures for your wedding photography. You can also add the groom to these bridal portrait shots. 

best bridal portrait
beautiful bridal portrait

amazing bridal portrait

5. In the moment shots

For a couple of photography, don’t forget to get some candid shots. Shots in which you are in the moment can really help you get some pictures that really stand out. So try to do things that would get you busy with each other for example dancing, talking or just staring into each other’s eyes. 

best photoshoot by vintage films
pre wedding best pictures
best pre wedding photographer in chandigarh


6. Some long shots

These are one of those shots that you definitely won’t regret getting clicked. A shot from far away with a serine background can really make up for amazing couple photography which you can frame and put up on the wall. 

best pre wedding photoshoot in delhi
outdoor landscape couple photoshoot

amazing couple
You can totally take inspiration from the couple photography ideas mentioned above. If you are looking for more couple photography tips or want to book a photoshoot of your own then you can book your couple photoshoot with Vintage Films. We are a team of professional wedding photographers who specialize in couple photography and can really bring out the best in your pictures. So, if you want the best couples photography, book your photoshoot now with Vintage films

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