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Candid Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon | Vintage Films

Candid Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon | Vintage Films

Just like every other thing in the world, Candid and Traditional Wedding Photography also have their pros and cons. And even though candid wedding photography has taken over the traditional wedding photography scene, some people still prefer to go with traditional wedding photography due to the fact that if done right, it looks classy.


So let's talk briefly about both of them:


Traditional Wedding Photography


1. Looks Classy

2. One of the oldest photography styles

3. Even the smallest of the details are perfect.



1. Monotonous

2. Not a trend anymore

3. Lacks authenticity

4. Proper planning has to be done for the photoshoot. 

5. Not much fun


Candid Wedding Photography



1. Natural and Authentic Pictures

2. Happy Vibes

3. The Photographer doesn't tell subjects what to do

4. Planning is not required

5. These shoots are fun

6. Events happen by going with the flow



1. No Proper Lighting Setup

2. Spontaneous


We should also discuss the photographers that are associated with these photography genres.


Traditional Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon

A Traditional Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon is someone who prepares so that the shoots are done perfectly. Traditional Wedding Photographers in Gurgaon also have to tell the couple and relatives how they have to stand and pose. A lot of planning is involved in these shoots in terms of setting lighting equipment etc.


Candid Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon

A Candid Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon is a photographer who is very spontaneous with the Best Wedding Photographer. A Candid Wedding Photographer in Gurgaon doesn't tell the couple or the family what they have to do. He/she rather let them live in the moment and have fun, as some of the best pictures are taken when the subjects are not disturbed and do their thing.


We here at Vintage Films have told you about both traditional and candid wedding photography. So now it is up to you which photography style suits you better.


You can either choose one of them or you can choose both of them, as most couples hire both Traditional and Candid wedding photographers in Gurgaon. 


Why Choose Vintage Films?

In case you decide to go for both the photography styles, we here at Vintage Films can be of use. We are storytellers that help out clients tell the story of their journey to the viewers at first glance. Hence if you have any queries regarding Candid or any other kind of wedding photography then feel free to contact us.