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Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi | Vintage Films

Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi | Vintage Films

Indian Wedding Photography -

A wedding is the most auspicious occasion in the lives of people, especially in a country like India which is known for its rich traditional and cultural norms. There are many festive-rituals in India amongst which wedding is the most crucial occasion for Indians. Each religion in India has its sacred worship place to get married at such as temples for Hindus, Gurudwara for Sikhs, Masjid for Muslims and church for Christians.

Indian Weddings Photography are considered as one of the most sacred events. The entire cultural spectrum and traditional values of people can be witnessed at this event which is celebrated by the communion of families of the couple. Now, India witnesses over 10 million weddings in a year and Delhi alone see a hundred thousand.

Best Wedding Photography in Delhi-

Delhi being rich for its diverse culture builds up an ambience for the wedding celebration in each religion’s customs and traditions. Wedding celebration varies from region’s Pre wedding and post-wedding rituals and thus can range from one to multi-day occasion. Delhi remains the prior choice of getting married by young couples as being India’s capital, it has an astounding infrastructure and choices of wedding-related options as per personalized preferences. The interference of young couples in planning their wedding has increased due to the growing social media trends of getting married with grandeur, thus the need for rises to capture perfect candid moments of the wedding to post on social media.

Delhi is among the most diverse cities in the country. So, when weddings happen, the rituals of these weddings may differ from community to community, but one thing remains constant and that is the demand for the Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi.

How to choose the "Best Wedding Photographer in Delhi"?

With the rising number of weddings in the city, the demand for top wedding photography is also increasing. But the fact that there are so many skilled photographers available, makes it hard for one to decide which one to choose. A bad photographer can ruin the wedding album, a good one can give you the kind of album you were looking for and the top wedding photographer will give you, not just an album, but a peek into the memories; the memories that you will be able to cherish forever. So, if you are pondering, “How to choose the top wedding photographer in Delhi?” then here are the tips listed below for you.

But don’t worry, continue reading and you will find out the easiest ways to find the top wedding photographer in Delhi.

1. Do some background research on Photographers

The best thing about the Internet is that it contains information about almost everything. It may not know what I’m wearing right now but it can surely tell me about the top place to go for dinner tonight. Same goes for wedding photographers. While looking for top wedding photographers in Delhi, you will find so many different options. The first thing you can do is to check out the reviews of their services and thoroughly go through their portfolio.

2. Go for the style

Now the huge number of photographers might look like a task to choose from but it also opens up the opportunity to select from different styles. Every photographer has a different style, this means that you actually have a choice. So, rather than compromising, you can shortlist the top photographers in Delhi on the basis of their styles. This makes the work so much easier and fun.

3. Stay within your budget

You may come across photographers who are really good and maybe even the best. But their huge fee demand can make you question your allotted budget for the photographer. Also, they can sometimes come across as unaffordable. But this is another place where you have to remain calm and go through some more choices as staying within your budget is one of the best things you can do to run your wedding smoothly. The top wedding photographer in Delhi is the one who is in your budget and delivers quality.

4. Good in Crisis

Another thing that defines the quality of a photographer is the way he/she handles a crisis situation. Yes, you heard it right. The possibilities of something going wrong during a wedding are really high and we’re only talking in context with the photography. The equipment can get damaged or cameras can run out of batteries. Technical issues are very common in such big events but it’s the responsibility of a photographer to overcome those issues and deliver the finest quality photos.

5. Specialization

Bonus: We kept this bonus point for last to give you a perspective of how you can filter your top wedding photographer in Delhi list. There are photographers out there who have a certain specialization as some take great drone pictures, some are good with Candid Wedding Photography and some specialize in Pre Wedding Photography. So, if you are looking for extra services or looking for one who provides these services in the package then you should definitely go for it. Just follow the guidelines mentioned above and you’ll be able to find the top wedding photographer in Delhi.

Once you’ve found the top wedding photographer in Delhi then what’s next?

Hiring the top wedding photographer is not enough as a lot of things count when you are hoping for an amazing wedding album. There are communication, roles & responsibilities and delivery expectations. Always communicate your agenda and expectations to the photographer clearly. Tell about your expectations and be open to new ideas. When you tell the roles and responsibilities to the photographer at the beginning, it saves you from the trouble of future conflict. If you have a certainly reasonable demand, don’t be afraid to put it forward.

Since you are privy to the process of choosing the top wedding photographer in Delhi, we at Vintage Films will tell you about some of the premium services that we provide to our valuable customer. We believe in storytelling by capturing your moments of love and weave them. For us, every moment of a wedding is beautiful and tells the story of love.

Top Reasons to select "Vintage Films" for your wedding photography in Delhi-


Vintage Films and the team of best wedding photographers in Delhi NCR capture weddings of all religions and ensure we do not miss any rituals as every ritual at the weddings is of great importance. Our team of professional candid photographers in Delhi makes sure to capture each impression of your moments. From the groom’s expression on the sight of his bride to the bride’s smile, while walking down the aisle, every moment beholds a memory for the newlywed, and our team of best wedding photographers captures them into a tale of joyful events.

Vintage Films works with up-to-date technological tools for capturing and editing the moments of your wedding. We have the finest quality tools for photography, videography, and cinematography along with a professional team of creative and offbeat wedding photographers in Delhi. We create a personal environment for the couple to bring out the intimacy in the wedding photographs and fix the moment of authenticity. We have worked in 7 countries to help couples meet their demand for creating a memorable wedding through our candid wedding photography, videography, and cinematography.

Our team for professional wedding photographers have worked on many assignments and have accomplished around 1000 happy clients with our best photography outcome. Our team of professional wedding photographers aims at capturing every moment at your wedding and analyze each photograph, choose them and edit them to produce the ones with best looks. Book us now to gain the best experience of your wedding occasion and let us create a story for the beginning of your life’s journey.

We, Vintage Films, are a team of top wedding photographers in Delhi who are passion-driven and young professionals in the wedding. We aim towards creating the best out of your memories. For us, your wedding album should be something that brings you joy and emotions. While looking for the top wedding photographer in Delhi, do consider us.