6 Best tips for wedding couple portrait photoshoot.

6 Best tips for wedding couple portrait photoshoot.

If you are about to tie the knot soon and want the get the best of memories captured in your album then you must go for the right wedding photographer. But the photographer can only help you so much. You also have to be prepared from your end to make sure that you get the best pictures. 

When it comes to your wedding photography, being prepared with pose ideas and a little bit of confidence can help the photographer is giving you the pictures that you want. So, if you are looking for the best tips for wedding couple portrait photography then you can follow the ones given below. 

The First Look
It’s always fun to capture the candid moments as they get embroiled in our memory and bring us joy every time we think about them. So, for your couple portrait photoshoot tip, you can go for the first look shot where the groom look at bride for the first time after getting ready. The emotions and the joy on both of their face will be worth capturing. 


The Dancing Shot
For your wedding couple portrait, you can get captured while dancing. It is one of those times that you as well as the guests wait for. It’s the time when you all can enjoy with each other and shake a leg to your favourite “Shaadi songs”. So, you can go for the dancing shots. 

Wedding Portrait Photoshoot.


Wide Angle Shot
This one shot is supposed to add drama to your pictures. The wide-angle shots are meant to capture the bride and groom as well as most of the background to give a dramatic feel to your pictures. You can use good lit up space as the backdrop for your wide angle shot.

Wedding Couple  Photoshoot.


The Walking Shot
This is the shot where the bride and the groom walk with each other to the wedding stage. These kinds of shots are really good when you want to get some candid pictures captured. It’s better to get this shot captured while you are near the stage because then the emotions will come more naturally to your face. 

Portrait Photoshoot.

The Starry Shot
For your couple portrait, you can go for shots where you stand under the starry sky. The right angle and the right photographer can really bring out the magic in your picture and give you something that you can cherish forever. 

Couple Portrait Photoshoot.


The Traditional Shot
While trying out different shots, don’t forget to go for the traditional one. This is the traditional side-by-side shot where you can capture in a traditional way. You can add variations by having one person sit and the other stand next to sitting one. 

Wedding Couple Portrait Photoshoot.

Weddings are once in a lifetime event. So, it is important to get captured the right way so as to get an album full of memories that you can cherish for a lifetime. Now, if you are looking for more tips for a couple wedding portraits, you can book your photoshoot with us. We, at The Vintage Films, are a team of professional photographers who can give you an album filled with memories that you will savour forever. 


  • 25 Apr 2020
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