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Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi | Vintage Films

Best Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi | Vintage Films


Gone are the days when photographers and cinematographers used to walk around and were asked to take pictures of the guest. When you would have the pictures of fussy aunty smiling at the camera looking a little distracted because of arguments with stallvaala?? Therefore, to capture those natural and funky moments, candid photography comes to the fore.

Candid Photography in Delhi -

Candid photography is a style of photography that is adored and admired by many. This style of photography helps the artists enhance their art and creates some amazing memories for the people getting captured. There are a lot of variations under candid photography as well. Candid photography is all about capturing unplanned and unposed shots. The preparation done in advance is missing from this style of photography. Usually, the photographer avoids interrupting people while taking shots. Even if the people are aware of the presence of the photographer in some shots, the outcome of the candid photos is different from the traditional form of photography. The photojournalistic style of photography is almost the same as candid wedding photography. One critical feature is added when we talk about the difference between candid photography and photojournalistic style of photography. This critical feature is capturing a photo is a way that it speaks a story. A single photo can say a lot, and it becomes a really important memory when it says a whole story. It also becomes a very important memory for a family if it tells a whole story. So, when candid photography and photojournalistic style meet, the result is usually breathtaking.

Traditional Photography Vs Candid Photography -

Traditional photography is very different from candid photography. But somehow, candid photography is an artistic extension of the traditional form of photography. Traditional photographs are very formal and candid photographs are casual and informal. The difference is technique is what makes both styles different from each other. Even the approach of photographers is different in both types of photography. Traditional photography focusses more on achieving perfection in each shot. On the other hand, candid photography is about capturing the raw moments as they are. The posed appearance which sometimes feels unreal is not present in candid photography.

Candid photography is not the cup of tea for all the photographers. Capturing the candid moments requires the presence of mind and a strong gut feeling. To capture emotionally amazing moments where people are immersed in the environment is something that can satisfy all the creative urges of a photographer. One of the most important things in this type of photography is that the photographer is able to make the people he is capturing, comfortable in front of his camera.

Candid photography has many different types. Candid moments can be captured anywhere, be it a street or a wedding. It all depends on the candid photographer as to what type of photos he/she wants to capture. If a candid photographer is passionate about wedding photography, he must start taking wildlife candid shots professionally. He must start gaining experience in this field and aim to become a professional. Wedding candid photography is the most commercialized among the other types of candid photography. This type of candid photography may be opted by many photographers as a way to earn more money, but it is not an easy task. The other famous type of candid photography is street photography. This is a very different and unique type of photography. A new trend in street candid photography is capturing portraits of people on the street and writing their whole story on a social media site. This can be called a slice of life photography as well.

Many times you feel the need to capture some candid moments of others or get captured yourself. Some people get their professional candid photoshoot done by a candid photographer. The shoots are really fun and worth it. If you reside in Delhi, you must hire a skilled team of candid photographers in Delhi. The team will help you create memories for your special event of your life. Whether it is special or highly special, just hire a team of top candid photographers and Delhi and get your candid photoshoot done. The team of candid photographers in Delhi must be professional, artistic and creative.

Candid Wedding Photography -

Candid wedding photography is that unique style of Wedding Photography in which a wedding photographer clicks the pictures without asking people to pose for the picture. A candid wedding photographer moves around the people at the wedding to find real emotions, funny and funky moments, smiles, happenings etc. to capture them for a beautiful frame. In short, they hunt and capture the moments that happen in the wedding without interfering and making bride, groom, family and friends to be posy.

Candid Wedding Photography in Delhi -

Artistic and passion-driven photography has increased the fame of candid wedding photographers in Delhi. With their unique way of looking at things and providing unique ideas in photographing a wedding ceremony has earned them a good reputation. Best candid wedding photographers in Delhi are demanded the most and highly preferred among all other professional photographers in Delhi.

In Indian wedding photography, the photographer is aware of the process involved in weddings. He does not have to look for a group of people to capture them rather he prefers to click the aura at the wedding randomly. So, whenever you choose a photographer for your wedding, make sure he is specialized in candid photography. After all, he does not ask to pose for a picture, unlike a traditional photographer.

Here are four things that make a candid wedding photographer in Delhi stand out from other photographers.

There are a number of reasons why people choose a candid wedding photographer in Delhi for their wedding ceremonies. Here are the three qualities that make his work offbeat and unique.

1. Approach -

It is believed that every camera person has his own unique way to approach the subject the intends to capture. A Candid wedding photographer is a professional who has a cult for new thinking out of the box to capture the subject. He knows where to use his extraordinary skills to get the best out of a photo shoot. Unlike the Traditional Wedding photographer, he will not ask you to hold and freeze until he gets the best shot. Candid wedding photographer in Delhi will capture you in surprise, randomly, without interrupting your natural appearance.

2. Expertise -

A candid wedding photographer is an experienced professional who has covered hundreds of weddings across the nation and abroad. He is the camera person who makes the magic happen with his exquisitely learned skills and tactics. His experience in covering the events and the wedding celebrations is so unique that he can cover any wedding irrespective of tradition or culture. He is privy to the process involved in any wedding. Be it a Hindu wedding or a Sikh Wedding or even South Indian wedding, a candid wedding photographer is an expert who knows what process and rituals are followed in what religion.

3. Style -

His style is very different and exclusive from all other photographers in the industry. His approach is contemporary, his chosen angels to capture the pictures are vibrant and lively. A candid wedding photographer in Delhi will give you ultimate pictures. His style is the amalgamation of traditional and contemporary. He will not let the subject know that it is getting clicked. He will make everything look real and perfect. The Candid wedding photographer ensures he captures little thing, and he definitely captures it perfectly. Be it the decoration at the ceremony or the ring ceremony, he captures everything silently, without saying to repeat the moment. He just clicks everything at a perfect time.

4. Creative Ideas -

Creativity is what makes his skills perfect and his work vibrant. Every candid wedding photographer is a creative-minded who endeavours at clicking every moment creatively. He brings different styles in his pictures. He aims at capturing every picture differently and uniquely. He will play with the colours at the wedding, the theme and the decoration. A candid wedding photographer in Delhi will make sure he covers everything creatively, stunningly and perfectly. His services are quite unique, his ideas are more acceptable as he is very much aware of the daily trends and latest styles in the wedding industry. As there are so many photographers in the wedding industry, it is the ideal that sells. It is what makes a candid wedding photographer uncommon.


5 Reasons Why Should You Hire a Candid Wedding Photographer in Delhi?

Wedding in Delhi is a grand occasion to celebrate. It is the way to show that finally you found your life partner for the rest of your life and to let everybody see how you love and respect each other. In Delhi, there are different types of traditions and rituals that are involved in weddings, which vary from religion to religion. To capture those rituals and natural moments you need the best wedding photographer in Delhi. Here are some reasons why you should hire a candid wedding photographer in Delhi.

1. Sly Directors- Unlike the traditional photographer who tells guests to pose for the pictures, the hidden quality of a candid wedding photographer is his ability to capture the photographs without knowing and disturbing the guests. The presence of a photographer can make your guests uncomfortable as most of us are camera conscious. Therefore, a skilled candid wedding photographer in Delhi understands this and works around guests with cautiousness, such that he doesn’t interfere with the natural emotions of the whole event.

2. Capturing Undiluted Moments- Interference by a wedding photographer spoils the true emotions of moments. By asking a bride to pose in front of the camera while a ritual is happening can ruin the actual photograph. But a candid wedding Photographer in Delhi can click her anytime. While she is smiling, looking at her parents with her teary eyes or chilling with her friends, etc. This will help to get a final shot for the wedding album.


3. Creating The Pictures Natural- Another perspective of having a candid wedding photographer is that he takes creative photographs using as much natural lighting as possible compared to a traditional photographer. Wedding photography using flashlight can be awkward and as a result, your wedding photographer can get an unfocused image. So, it is an advantage for a candid wedding photographer to use natural light as much as he can. So that a natural and beautiful image can capture.

4. Creative Eye- A candid wedding photographer has always a creative eye towards the photographs. The most successful candid wedding photographer in Delhi has an imaginative eye. A good imaginative eye can make a good picture. Hence, it is necessary that your candid wedding photographer in Delhi has a good vision and a great presence of mind. So you can get a good quality of natural pictures.

5. Post Editing Procedure- This is a huge factor in candid wedding photography. This basic reason being candid photographs have a big scope of colour contrasting and adjustments compared to the flat pictures with the flash fire on them. This is because of the depths generated by shadows in the candid style of taking pictures. A good candid wedding photographer in Delhi must have good post-editing skills too.

There is a strong correlation between proper framing, composition, depth and candid wedding photography. Just by the word itself, candid wedding photography is a fine art of capturing pictures in a candid manner. But candid wedding photography is much more than this!! Candid wedding photography is not everyone's cup of tea.

Why choose Vintage Films?


As discussed earlier, the photojournalistic style of photography is all about telling a story is a very simple and effective way, through photos. Every photo tells a very beautiful story and that creates a long-lasting memory. A team of candid wedding photographers who knows how to capture a photo in a way that it becomes a story must be hired. Vintage Films have a team that has the best candid photographers in Delhi. The team at The Vintage Films is highly skilled and updated with recent technology. They believe in capturing moments that inspire and teach you the meaning of love and togetherness. Hire the team of the most creative candid photographers in Delhi by hiring The Vintage Films. Their mission is to tell stories through the photos and videos that they capture. They are the best candid photographers in Delhi without any doubt. Their passion is capturing the candid moments of people in their true light. Their team of best candid photographers in Delhi will create some timeless memories for you.

Being the best candid wedding photographer in Delhi, we at Vintage Films with having more than 7 years of experience in the wedding industry, we have won many hearts in Delhi. We have a great team of candid wedding photographer who captures candid moments and frames them in the most beautiful way. We also provided services such as pre wedding photography, destination wedding, cinematography etc.

Vintage Films believe in capturing the real essence of our client’s wedding and tell their wedding story with the signature of style and class. We believe in putting our best foot forward and capture the raw moments from scratch to the high notch. We click those candid and magical moments that cannot be seen or heard but felt by the heart. These are the moments which can be cherished for a lifetime.

With the upgraded technology, professionals of Candid Wedding Photography, and a team full of enthusiasm that will surely cherish your wedding moments and convert them into beautiful memories. We ensured that we will capture the most natural angles of your wedding and make your day even more memorable. We work for our valued clients and put all our efforts to give the best of our abilities. Our unique candid wedding photography style makes us the best candid wedding photographer in Delhi. You can contact us for candid wedding photography in Delhi.