Aman and Shivi || Wedding || Vintage Films

Aman and Shivi || Wedding || Vintage Films

We here at Vintage Films recently got a chance to be a part of the wedding of the lovely couple Aman and Shivi. We can say that the wedding was just like a rollercoaster. When we thought it couldn't get any better, things just got more exciting.


And not just the wedding, Aman and Shivi hired us to cover all the pre wedding celebration events. And we kicked things off with the Mehendi ceremony. 


The least we can say is that the Haldi was nothing like an ordinary Haldi ceremony


The ceremony was very fun. And whenever you decide to include your friends into anything that things are supposed to go bonkers.


Shivi specifically asked us for a creative bridal shoot that would make her wedding photography experience even better.


We executed the shoot very artistically. We played around with the shadows to make things more interesting.


The wedding was fabulous and it looked like a dreamy Bollywood scene.


And when we thought the wedding was great there was a reception.


We love it when we see a couple ditching their old lives to start a new one with their better halves. We here at Vintage Filme would like to congratulate Aman and Shivi for their wedding and wish them a never ending love life.


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  • 25 Feb 2020
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